3 Cats Shwe Shwe in Green Madala Cloth Face Mask


3 Cats Shwe Shwe is a South African heritage fabric.  With this fabric face mask you can not only help to keep South Africa safer from the Coronavirus, but look stylish while doing so! 2 layer, with a pouch for a filter.  This mask is washable, and re-usable.

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A 2 layer cotton reusable face mask in 3 Cats Shwe Shwe by Da Gama. Shwe Shwe is a uniquely South African batik print, and 3 Cats is a heritage fabric. Strikingly bright and beautiful, these masks are unique.

This fabric has a medium weight, and is lined with 100% Da Gama cotton.  The overall effect is a mask that is substantial, but still breathable.  The filter layer allows you to add additional layers of filter if you feel you need it.

The ties that allow you to secure the mask are made from stretch fabric, and tie behind the head for perfect fit and comfort. You can cut the ties to allow for loops that go around the ears if this is preferred.

The contoured design ensures an excellent fit, with plenty of breathing space around the nostrils and mouth.

Wash and iron between uses. Please wash on a 40 degree wash. Your face mask can be used daily once cleaned.


About our products:


– Our masks and products are cut and sewn in a smoke free environment.

– We use elastic ties that tie behind the head.

– Extra ties are available for purchase separately so you play wit colour combinations and keep spares.

– This mask uses a contoured design which contours for best fit.

– Due to high volume the colour requested may not be available and a substitute will be supplied.

– Washable & Reusable. Washing in a washing machine is most effective and iron before use.




– This item is a sanitary product and thus cannot be returned.

– This is not a filtered mask, and is not 100% effective against Coronavirus. This is not a medical grade mask.

– Please continue follow all other protocols to avoid contracting the virus.

– Do not adjust the mask once it is fitted in place.

– Do not remove the mask to sneeze, talk, cough or laugh.

– If you sneeze ensure that you still sneeze into a tissue or the corner of your arm.


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