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Be a True South African, and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Using a cloth mask not only leaves essential surgical and N95 masks for medical professionals on the front lines, but also helps to prevent community transmission of Covid-19.

  • Triple-layer design, with a 200gsm cotton outer layer, a spunbond filter layer, and a 120gsm cotton inner layer.
  • Machine wash and iron in between uses.
  • They are made with ties at the back of the mask, like a surgical mask. This is for best fit, and can be adjusted for men, women and teenagers.
  • Ties can be tied behind the head, or looped around the ears.
  • Please wash before use.
  • We are experiencing unprecedented high numbers of orders, so please allow 3 to 5 working days for dispatch.

Why use a Cloth Mask?

Cyril Ramaphosa asked the nation to wear cloth barrier masks in his address on Thursday 23 April 2020. This is chiefly to protect others if you are a non-symptomatic carrier of Covid-19. It also affords some protection from the disease, when combined with social distancing in public. Please remember that this does not give you 100% protection!

You must also abide by all other safety regulations, which include washing your hands for 20 seconds, using hand sanitizers in public, sneezing into the crook of your arm, and keeping a 6 feet distance between yourselves and others in public.

The mask must be securely fitted over your whole nose and mouth, and must not be removed until you are no longer in public. Do not touch your face, or adjust the mask once it is put in place. Do not remove the mask when talking, coughing or sneezing.


We have a flat fee of R80 for courier delivery.
Free delivery on bulk orders.

Bulk orders

All bulk orders to be made through our Bulk Order system. Free delivery on all bulk orders.

10x masks: 10% discount
50x masks: 15% discount
100x masks: 20% discount
500x masks: 30% discount
1000x masks: 40% discount
5000+ masks: 50% discount


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